If you want to know your astrological sign dates you have come to the right place. Not only do we have dates for the classic Western Astrology signs (Leo, Virgo, etc.), but we also have dates for Chinese Astrology signs as well. Both sets of astrological signs and their dates are taken into account in Primal Astrology where neither astrological system takes precedent over the other.

You can find the chart containing all astrological sign dates here. Note that though these star sign dates are accurate, zodiac signs don't change at midnight, so some signs bleed over into other dates, especially those on the cusp between two star signs.

The only way to find your true astrology sign is to have a birth chart done. Birth charts are helpful in discovering where exactly the stars and planets were aligned at the time of your birth, which is key to figuring out your individual purpose, destiny, and special attributes. Several different reports are available for those who are willing to dig deep into their own lives and find out who they really are and what their purpose in life truly is.

From a Primal Astrology perspective, your true astrology sign is the combination of Eastern & Western astrological sign dates. Your Primal Zodiac Sign or "Animal Spirit" as it is often called, represents both the conscious and unconscious aspects of your true self, the self you were born to be. Primal Zodiac reports are offered for FREE on this site. Simply find your birth date on the chart provided and you can get a free start looking into your deeper self.

Though some may be wary of a "new" astrology system, rest assured that Primal Astrology is based on the same zodiac systems that have been in place for thousands of years. The principles are the same, and no new star sign dates have to be devised. The Western and Eastern astrology systems overlap nicely and create a much more personalized profile that is 1200% more accurate than either the classic Western astrological system or the Chinese astrological system alone.

Should you be brave enough to challenge the beliefs you and others have had about yourself, click here to find your true astrology sign.