Considered the first sign of the Western Zodiac, Aries traits include confidence, enthusiasm, rebelliousness, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Pioneering is very much an Aries characteristic, with only free-wheeling Sagittarius putting up much competition for that crown. Aries like to tread where no man has tread before. They are the explorers of the Western Zodiac. This is especially true for Aries born under the Chinese Zodiac's Year of the Horse.

Aries personalities like to work hard and play hard. They are often restless in their pursuit of whatever goal they have most recently set for themselves, but what they really look forward to is the reward for the risks they take. One of the key facts about Aries, though, is that they tend to be a bit naive. Because of this they sometimes get themselves stuck in situations that they might not want to be in. A trusting nature is also an Aries characteristic, though they must be careful not to allow themselves to be taken advantage of.


Facts about Aries personalities often change quickly when the influence of other astrological elements is considered. This is a very adaptable sign whose members are typically good with change, though this highly depends on specifics in each individual's birth chart. A quick, easy, and free way to see how these influences affect individuals is to use the Primal Astrology Chart available for free on this site. You can easily enhance an individual Aries profile by including the subconscious elements provided by the Chinese Zodiac. When combined, the Western and Eastern astrology signs include a great deal more information than either has on its own. Just find your birth date on this chart and start learning more about yourself.

In general, Aries get along well with other fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius), and tend to clash most often with signs that are reserved (Cancer, Scorpio). Aries personalities tend to be open books, offering up whatever is on their mind at whatever time, regardless of how socially appropriate or inappropriate they might be. Even when they are trying to be coy, most Aries are readily transparent to the trained eye, giving away their secret thoughts without even realizing it.


All people born under this sign are individuals. They may share a great deal in common but they all share the same core traits. Aries is a dominant sign, one that is hard to silence even by other powerful personalities. They are highly independent and are born to follow their own unique path through life. Marriage and children are not required for Aries personalities. They make fine parents, but coddling is not an Aries characteristic. They can be stern but fun, and adventurous yet reserved. A fascinating sign in its own right, Aries is often the sign of youth and impetuousness. The best relationships for them include partners who are more stable and serious about day to day life. Though personalities may clash this way, it is still recommended as a way to temper the adventurous spirit with everyday living.