Say you had to use one word to describe this sign. Which Aries characteristic would you choose to describe this multi-faceted sign? I give you my top five Aries traits from weakest to strongest (in my opinion of course).


There is little doubt that Aries are confident, but not to qualify this one would make this a weak Aries profile indeed. Members of this sign will boldly strike out to new adventures, but they aren't always quite as comfortable in social settings as they are climbing the side of a mountain. Aries approach to life is to look before they leap, which requires a great deal of confidence to be sure, but Aries personalities can also be a bit overwhelming for quieter signs, which can cause some social weirdness. Confidence is important for this sign, but mostly in reference to their...


Of all of the facts about Aries, this one has to be the most undeniable. Aries are always willing, if not eager, to try something intriguing, even if they have no idea what they are doing. They are open to changes that open up new possibilities and are ready to take on new ideas and incorporate what works into their lives. Many smaller Aries traits factor into this innate sense of adventurousness, but none more so than...


What drives this sign to do the things they do? In my opinion it is courage that drives their confidence and adventurousness. It's not an easy thing to be the first to try something new, and other more modest signs rely on Aries to break away and lead the charge, though they might not want to admit it. The Aries personality is known to be a bit naive at times, but this doesn't make them fools or suckers. Instead, Aries believe what others tell them because they want to have new challenges to try out. While others might find this Aries trait to be negative, it is nonetheless what drives Aries to go where others fear to tread.


Now I realize that not all Aries are enthusiastic, since nobody knows better than me how other astrological influences can alter the Aries personality. (By the way if you haven't already, you can use the Primal Zodiac to find out which Aries characteristics will be most affected by outside influences.) While some may be shyer than others and some more bold, all Aries are enthusiastic about something. This is a sign that can become deeply enamored with a single subject for a long time. In the modern world this is a very positive trait, since specializing in a single interest is often better for a career than spreading one's self thin amongst many interests. Of course, it is very much within the Aries personality to lose interest... and pick up another idea just as enthusiastically. Which leads us to...


In my mind, this is the most definitive Aries traits, simply because it is what makes members of this sign so important to the balance of the world. Few signs are as pioneering as this one, and the world desperately needs pioneers to break new ground. It is often Aries who discovers ancient secrets, who pioneers new medicines, and who challenges old ideas with new discoveries. Without their eager confidence, human societies would have advanced at a much slower pace. It requires one with courage and a sense of adventure to brave the roads that men dare not cross, and nobody is better suited for this role than Aries.

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