There are many Aquarius traits that separate this Western zodiac sign from all of the rest, but some of these traits are more obvious than others.  The typical Aquarius is eccentric, intelligent, and firmly rooted in their personal belief system.  Few signs are as focused on the greater good of humanity as the Aquarius sign is, and this shows up often in the Aquarius personality.  There are essentially two different types of Aquarians, those who are patient, shy, and gentle natured, and those who are lively, outgoing, and energetic.  Though these may seem like two entirely different personality types, both fit quite nicely into the typical Aquarius profile.  That's because despite being introverted or extroverted, all those born under the Western zodiac sign of Aquarius are deeply and even defiantly independent.

The Aquarius personality is firmly rooted in a belief system - though that belief system can be anything that the individual chooses.  Aquarians can believe in any religion, including atheism, and maintain the same strength in their beliefs.  All Aquarians maintain the core Aquarius traits of seriousness, idealism, and an intellectual and analytical approach to life.

Though they often take an analytical approach to life, those born under the sign of Aquarius primarily guide themselves by their intuition.  Aquarians trust themselves to do the right thing, so much so that they may become dogmatic and unrelenting in their life mission.  Some see these Aquarius traits as a negative thing, and to be fair, it is easy for Aquarians to become so focused on proving that they are right that they stop questioning why they are on the mission they are on in the first place.

The typical Aquarius needs close friends and family to help keep their perspective in check, which can be easier said than done.  Aquarius people are picky about who they socialize with, and are quick to dismiss those who don't immediately agree with their beliefs.  However, the core of the Aquarius personality is rooted in humanitarianism, which means that as long as they can stay open minded, all Aquarians can transcend themselves and rise to greatness.

The Chinese zodiac sign of each Aquarius has a significant affect on their individual personality.  In Primal Astrology there are 12 different signs for Aquarius, one for each corresponding sign of the Chinese zodiac.  You can find out more about Aquarius traits from the main Aquarius Profile Page.  If you do not know your Chinese zodiac sign or Primal Zodiac sign, you can use this free chart to find yours.