Key Aquarius characteristics include intelligence, humanitarianism, and approaching things with a clear and logical thought process.  These Aquarius traits are only a small part of the greater whole, however.  The typical Aquarius likes to figure things out and use their intellect to disect problems of all types, from an analysis of world politics to a thoughtful critique on modern art.  Like Libra, using their own judgement is one of the most obvious of Aquarius traits, and similarly, Aquarians can become somewhat obsessive and overly judgemental from this approach to life.  This sign has high ideals that they hold those around them to, but Aquarians can also be bad about following the rules they expect for other people.  If they allow themselves to go too far down this road, the typical Aquarius can become detached from the rest of society, which can cause them to retreat and lose faith in humanity.

One of the most important Aquarius characteristics is their independence.  Members of this sign follow the beat of their own drum and sometimes stubbornly refuse to follow the crowd.  Most Aquarians fall into one of two categories - those who are quiet, shy, and gentle-natured and those who are exuberant, eccentric, and energetic.  Though these may seem like two completely different types of people, both sides are valid expressions of the Aquarius personality.

As idealistic as they can be, most Aquarians do a good job tempering their idealism with some practical sensibility.  After all, this is an intellectual sign, and for better or worse their analytical approach is one of the most significant of Aquarius characteristics. 

Eccentric, unique, and often serious minded, the Aquarius sign is one of three Air signs in the Western Zodiac.  This means they are simultaneously driven by conscious thought and analysis first, but also often have their heads in the clouds.  The typical Aquarius is both highly imaginative and highly intuitive.  Many are even legitimately psychic.  It can be quite difficult to pinpoint Aquarius without knowing the other planetary astrological aspects that affect each individual.  Both intellectual and artistic, other aspects such as the moon sign, rising sign, or Chinese zodiac sign have a major impact on this sign.

The Chinese zodiac sign of each Aquarius has a significant affect on their individual personality.  In Primal Astrology there are 12 different signs for Aquarius, one for each corresponding sign of the Chinese zodiac.  You can find out more about Aquarius characteristics from the main Aquarius Profile Page.  If you do not know your Chinese zodiac sign or Primal Zodiac sign, you can use this free chart to find yours.