Primal Zodiac Sign of Anglerfish

Powerful, clever, and determined, those born under the sign of the Anglerfish are mysterious individuals who use their immense intellect to outwit others in the game of life. And to them, life is a game; a challenge to be won. Just like a professional poker player, they keep a straight face and keep others guessing about their next move. It can be very hard to know what an Anglerfish is thinking or feeling since they rarely ever talk about their inner fears or hesitations.

Like their animal namesake, Anglerfish harness much more power than meets the eye. The size or strength of their opponent matters little, especially since members of this sign are experts in manipulation and use their intelligence to outwit their opponents at every turn. Like the animal, those born under the sign of the Anglerfish like to use their cunning to draw others to them, rather than chasing after anyone or anything.

If it seems like Anglerfish are competitive, that’s because they are. They don’t automatically take everything seriously, but they like to (and expect to win) at anything which requires strategy, manipulation, or intelligence. They are the proverbial chess players of life, always looking at the whole board before making a move. Anglerfish are not usually naturally athletic and tend to stay away from these types of competition (unless, of course, they find an athletic event they think they can win at).

Anglerfish are mostly loners, but they do enjoy socializing from time to time, especially with those who share their outlook on life. In public, members of this sign are usually fairly withdrawn and reserved. They prefer observing others before engaging them, and when meeting a new person will usually hesitate to share much about themselves and will instead ask questions about others. Others may see these individuals as quiet and even strange, but once they get to know them, Anglerfish become quite popular. If nothing else, they are interesting, smart, and funny. They have a certain indefinable charm that others find intriguing.

While they are mostly amiable, Anglerfish do have a tendency to be jealous, suspicious, and overly sensitive. They are among the least forgiving people you will meet, so be careful not to offend them if you want to see them again. Members of this sign need to learn to relax and realize that they don’t always have to have the upper-hand. Deep down they fear appearing vulnerable or foolish, and rarely forgive themselves for mistakes they make.


Anglerfish are most often loners with surprisingly well-tuned social skills and a sharp and witty sense of humor. The fact that they keep most of their emotions to themselves also adds an air of mystery and to some the appearance of optimism. Anglerfish aren’t necessarily pessimistic, but they have difficulty tolerating those who can’t keep up with them mentally and often choose to be alone rather than spend their time with uninteresting people. When they do get out and about, it’s important to understand that loyalty is of the utmost importance to them. They can be jealous and possessive over good friends, who they don’t like to share with people they don’t like.

Love will likely be complicated for Anglerfish, but it doesn’t have to be. Members of this sign hate to be vulnerable and will not risk rejection unless they are fairly sure the odds are stacked in their favor. Getting to know Anglerfish is the hardest part, though intuitive types have the best chance of figuring out what an Anglerfish is saying while not saying anything. Those born under this sign must learn to take risks that aren’t stacked in their favor if they ever want to win at the game of love. Those who do take the risks and gain the rewards of romantic relationships will be loyal and dedicated partners until the end.


Whether they will admit it or not, all Anglerfish are drawn to money, success, and power. More than this they desire to be known for their true skills - intelligence, resourcefulness, and attention to detail. Their drive to succeed is very strong, as is their drive to prove themselves worthy of the respect and admiration of others. As with any sign, one’s intuition should be used to find a well-suited career, but for those who are unsure there are particular careers that are natural fits for this sign.

Investigative careers like police detective, investigator, or criminologist are well suited to Anglerfish, who can use their inner strength and intelligence together to help their communities while helping themselves. Similarly, jobs like analyst, researcher, or scientist are good options for those who are less interested in working with the public. Anglerfish are very often interested in psychology and the workings of the mind, so roles in this field (psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) are good fits for members of this sign.


  • Cody Linley (11/20/1989)
  • Josh Turner (11/20/1977)
  • Kerri Strug (11/19/1977)
  • Laura Wilkinson (11/17/1977)
  • Oksana Baiul (11/16/1977)
  • Brittany Murphy (11/10/1977)
  • Jon Heder (10/26/1977)
  • Björk (11/21/1965)
  • Mike Diamond (11/20/1965)
  • Al Leiter (10/23/1965)
  • Dennis Miller (11/3/1953)
  • Kate Capshaw (11/3/1953)
  • Juliet Mills (11/21/1941)
  • Tom Fogerty (11/9/1941)
  • Art Garfunkel (11/5/1941)
  • Helen Reddy (10/25/1941)
  • Ed Asner (11/15/1929)
  • McLean Stevenson (11/14/1929)
  • Grace Kelly (11/12/1929)
  • Indira Gandhi (11/19/1917)
  • Tommy Dorsey (11/19/1905)
  • Joel McCrea (11/5/1905)
  • Charles Atlas (10/30/1893)
  • Gummo Marx (10/23/1893)
  • Pablo Picasso (10/25/1881)
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky (10/30/1821)
  • William Beaumont (11/21/1785)


Anglerfish have the Tropical Sun sign of Scorpio, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Snake.

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