Primal Zodiac Sign of Anaconda

In the animal kingdom, the anaconda is a solitary hunter who is incredibly stealthy for its size. They use their native wetlands as camouflage to sneak up on unsuspecting prey and in one quick stroke grab their victims and drown or suffocate them. Most large snakes use their strength to squeeze their prey to death, but anacondas know that they don’t have to put in as much effort to get the same effect. Even though they are bigger and stronger than the other snakes, they prefer to prove that they are smarter, too.

In so many ways those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Anaconda are the same. Powerful, resourceful, and perceptive, members of this sign know intuitively what moves to make and when to make them. They are careful planners and masterful manipulators, able to get what they want by taking calculated risks and taking advantage of others weaknesses. Members of this sign are extremely observant. They understand human nature so well they can often predict what you will do before you do it, and they are not afraid to use this skill to their advantage.

Above all else, those born under this sign are survivors. Even when they have plenty of resources, they are always looking for more. They don’t intend to be self-centered, they just know that they can’t rely on anyone but themselves, which sometimes leads to a solitary lifestyle. At their worst, Anacondas can become isolated, suspicious, judgmental, and greedy. They need positive people in their lives to help them become all that they are capable of. This is a sign of great power and resourcefulness. How they use this power will be an important consideration for anyone born under this sign.

A lot of changes will happen in the lives of Anacondas. In many cases life may start off with quick successes and become more difficult in mid-life. This is because Anacondas are very skilled at getting what they want from the start, but the consequences of their actions will eventually catch up with them, both good and bad. Many Anacondas will become disillusioned with success and instead choose to find a more fulfilling path in life. Others will simply need to learn how to be done trying to constantly win and begin enjoying the subtleties of life. Balance is difficult for this sign, but will become more and more important in their lifelong evolution.


If you want to know what an Anaconda is feeling, you will have to look into their eyes. Members of this sign are notorious for keeping their true feelings hidden, but their eyes will betray their words. It can be hard to get them to get out and be social if they are working on a project of any sort, but when they are social they are quite charming and funny, if not a bit moody. They tend to have many acquaintances, but keep few close friends. Anacondas do best with intuitive types who can understand them without them having to explain themselves. They don’t get along too well with those who are easily offended, as the witty Anaconda likes to poke fun at every situation that they come across. Be careful about poking too much fun back, though. They don’t take personal jokes nearly as well as they dish them out.

Male and female Anacondas are a bit different. They all want to be respected, if not a bit feared, but they go about it in different ways. Males tend to exert their power through status, money, or will. They command respect because they have earned it. Females tend to use their charms and sense of humor more. They like being the girl that can keep up with guys and don’t have a lot of respect for females who can’t. They command respect because they silently and subtly convince you that they deserve it.

Members of this sign are complicated, and you can be sure their relationships will be complicated as well. The hard-to-read personality of the Anaconda can be an ever-changing array of extremes. They are passionate, sensitive, and deep which others find mysteriously attractive, but they can also be jealous, possessive, and moody at any moment. Anacondas will be loyal once they finally settle down, but settling down doesn’t often come easy. Members of this sign live their lives always looking to improve, and many allow this trait to bleed into their romantic relationships. This is particularly true of young Anacondas. They are more into the challenge of winning a partner over than dealing with the day-to-day reality of a real relationship. As with most things, they are quickly bored or disappointed with the prize they have won and are ready to move on after a short period of time. Luckily, most will eventually settle down and will be loyal and loving partners until the end.


There is no doubt that Anacondas will go after what they want, so suggesting a line of work may or may not be useful. At the same time, their conquests usually leave them feeling unfulfilled - as if the challenge of conquering was more important than the rewards that came from doing so. Many members of this sign will have multiple careers in their lives, and there are some that are particularly good fits for their skills and talents.

One thing Anacondas are better at than most is keeping control of their emotions (at least externally). When they are at work, they are all business, and are far more concerned with getting the job done than feeling one way or another about it. This makes them particularly good at jobs that others may be squeamish about, such as coroner, crime scene investigator, mortician, pathologist, or surgeon. They also make excellent detectives due to their innate ability to understand and anticipate human nature. For this reason they also make excellent private detectives, homicide detectives, criminologists, criminal psychologists, and the like.

Whatever career they choose, those born under this sign have to either be in charge or have the freedom to do what needs to be done on their own. Anacondas truly believe that they are smarter and more capable than others, and they are usually right. They will become impatient and upset if they have to deal with too much bureaucracy or micro-management. Some other good career fits for this sign are analyst, biochemist, lawyer, financial advisor, entrepreneur, and tax collector.


  • Jena Malone (11/21/1984)
  • Omarion (11/12/1984)
  • Kelly Osbourne (10/27/1984)
  • Katy Perry (10/25/1984)
  • Sara Lumholdt (10/25/1984)
  • Jason and Jeremy London (11/7/1972)
  • Rebecca Romijn (11/6/1972)
  • Thandie Newton (11/6/1972)
  • Jenny McCarthy (11/1/1972)
  • Gabrielle Union (10/29/1972)
  • Elizabeth Perkins (11/18/1960)
  • RuPaul (11/17/1960)
  • Tilda Swinton (11/5/1960)
  • Kathy Griffin (11/4/1960)
  • Fernando Valenzuela (11/1/1960)
  • Diego Armando Maradona (10/30/1960)
  • Randy Pausch (10/23/1960)
  • Prince Charles (11/14/1948)
  • Glenn Frey (11/6/1948)
  • Kate Jackson (10/29/1948)
  • Dick Cavett (11/19/1936)
  • Mary Travers (11/9/1936)
  • Michael Landon (10/31/1936)
  • Charlie Daniels (10/28/1936)
  • David Nelson (10/24/1936)
  • Ruby Dee (10/27/1924)
  • Billy Barty (10/25/1924)
  • Barbara Hutton (11/14/1912)
  • Dale Evans (10/31/1912)
  • Minnie Pearl (10/25/1912)
  • Aaron Copland (11/14/1900)
  • Margaret Mitchell (11/8/1900)
  • Claude Monet (11/14/1840)
  • Auguste Rodin (11/12/1840)


Anacondas have the Tropical Sun sign of Scorpio, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Rat.

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